Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Guy

Keeps me pretty busy! What a cutie. He's getting so interactive. I'm sad I'll be going back to work soon, just when the really fun parts begin. But he already knows who his mommy is and that's all I need! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An End in Sight

My doctor's appointment yesterday went well. Actually when I got there they said they didn't have me down for an appt that day- even though I know that's the date they scheduled me for. I think the receptionist forgot to put it in the computer. So we anxiously waited for a bit and my nurse, Michelle, came out and said Dr. Hinson had just left but was coming back. I was so relieved because this is my last week and with Dr. Hinson leaving town I had questions for her- like what do I do if he hasn't come by my due date? Do I have to wait for her to come back or do I go to the hospital? I mean, I've never had a baby before. I need reassurance!

Anyway, she checked me and I'm 80% effaced but still at a tight 2. I guess that means I'm making some sort of progress, even though it's slow. I've been having contractions, on and off, for the last couple of days. Some are stronger then others. But still not regular or consistent enough to be anything of concern or excitement.

Dr. Hinson will be out of town for work until the 15th. She called LDS and scheduled me to go in for the night of the 14th if he hasn't come by then and they will get me going so she can deliver me the day she gets back into town. I do feel better knowing that at the most, I only have a week from Monday and then things will be set in motion. I'm not reallly surprised he hasn't come yet; I think it was mostly wishful thinking. Either way, at least now I have a game plan. If my water breaks between now and the 14th then I'll just go in and deliver with whomever is on-call. And I hear the doctor is only in there for a short time considering how long you are in the hospital; the nurses do most of the work. So let's hope we have good nurses working.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update. I guess I should just try and rest as much as I can. I think if I end up working through the end of next week, I'll have Friday be my last day. That way I have the weekend and Monday day to get all the last minute things together and can rest up for the ordeal that's awaiting me. Either way, it's exciting and a bit surreal to think that little Wrigley is going to be here so soon. I think building it up in my head that he could come early has made me anxious and not enjoying my last little bit of pregnancy. So I'm going to try really hard to enjoy these last few days of having him so close to me and feeling him move and just the beautiful connection you feel knowing your flesh and blood is growing inside of you.
It's pretty damn amazing.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucky Number 10

With only 12 days left till my due date I'm anxiously awaiting that "lucky number 10" and having my little boy here. He has dropped so much and the pressure is mounting- which I'm hoping is a good sign that he'll be here before the 10th. I'm dilated to a 2 as of my appointment last Thursday. My doctor informed me that she will be out of town the week of Labor Day so I'm really hoping he comes sometime next week. I don't know why but for some reason I'm more nervous about her not being there then I am for the actual delivery. Maybe it's because this is my first time giving birth, and I've been going to my doctor for the last 10 years or so, so I totally trust her. Either way, what's going to happen will happen. I just need to have faith things will work out for the best. Cross your fingers that the pressure leads to some water breaking.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is a diaper cake one of my co-workers made me for the surprise shower they had for me a couple of weeks ago. Inside the cake was a bunch of onsies and some little pants and wash cloths. There were some spoons, binkies, a brush and rattle toy tucked in the sides of the different tiers. It was really cute.

Pictures of the nursery.

A girl at my work gave me these letters to spell out Wrigley's name. They look really cute on the wall. The camera kind of washes out the green; it's darker then it looks here. I think it's a nice contrast with the colors in the bedding and the furniture.

Oh yeah, that's the name we've decided on. Wrigley Everett Smith. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Over the last month I've had a few baby showers; one from my ward, one from Keith's mom's ward and a surprise one from my work. I just have to say how overwhelmed I have been at the generosity and support of so many people in our lives. Little Wrigley has been Hooked Up!!!

I'm getting ready to count down the days till this baby is here. I still have about 3 weeks till my due date. Hopefully he comes before then but 3 weeks isn't much time at all. I think we are pretty much ready, other then all the "spring cleaning" I wanted to do at home. I just need to pack my hospital bag and get the car seat installed and I think we're good to go.

I have been feeling so anxious lately about this baby coming- Mostly because I just want to see what he looks like! I feel him moving so much all the time now; he's getting big!! I'm pretty uncomfortable most of the time and the swelling in my hands and feet has reached an all time high. But if this is the worst it's going to get for my pregnancy, I think I can suffer through for a few more weeks.

Keith is getting really excited and I know he's going to be a great dad. We are so blessed to be having this experience and to be parents for the first time. Hopefully we won't screw it up too much. :)

See ya soon Wrigley. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So Close Yet So Far Away

As I'm nearing the home stretch I feel there's still so much to be done, and yet I can't seem to get motivated to do anything. Slowly but surely I'm making progress. Everyone says I'll start "Nesting" a couple of weeks before the boy is born. Cleaning walls, windows, and whatever else that's suddenly become so urgent it just can't wait.

Yesterday we got our living room carpet and hallway cleaned, and the carpet patched where dear Mojo had a little too much fun. It looks brand new and I couldn't be happier with the results. Hopefully we can keep it clean and looking nice- and that Mojo's chewing phase is over, although I'm not convinced of that yet. Thank heavens for bitter apple. At least he respects that!

I do need to clean the walls and doors, baseboards and vacuum along all the edges of the bedrooms. I look around and think, I really should clean out the air vents, organize the pantry, make sense of this and that- just odds and ends that never really got put in a place when we moved in.

This heat is sucking my desire to do anything. Yesterday was a nice day. After they finished up with the carpets we left for a few hours to allow the floors to dry. When we got back we hibernated in our bedroom for the remainder of the night as the floors were still damp. With the windows and sliding doors open, and the low temps outside, it felt good in our house! I can't seem to get enough of anything cold. Like when I got to Costco and walk into the refrigerator section- normally I don't spend too much time inside but over the last couple of months every time I go in there I find myself scrutinizing over every item cuz it's just so nice to be that cold for a change.

I seem to sleep better with naps these days then I do at night. Maybe it's because I know I have to get up for work- or maybe it's because I'm just getting so anxious for this little guy to get here. To know that he's ok and to see what he looks like. It still seems so surreal that we are going to have a child- and yet I'm just so excited to meet him and hold him that I can hardly stand it- can hardly focus on anything. Our thoughts are consumed these days with all things baby. Even Keith is having a hard time getting into his Fantasy Football as he's preoccupied with the upcoming events.

Either way, I know he'll be here before I know it. 5 weeks will go by quickly and maybe even more so if he comes before then. I should enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy. I do love feeling him move around and realize once this is over I'm sure I will miss this experience.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Identical Twin?

I was looking at images online of Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and I came across this image. Is this Mojo's identical twin or what?! This dog looks exactly like Mojo, minus the little white patch he has on his back side. Why do I love Corgi's so much? They are so cute and fun. I love my pup!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall... Who's the fairest of them all?

I'm pretty sure my dog is in love with himself. He always sits in front of the mirror eating bones or playing with toys. Sometimes he even gives himself a kiss by licking the mirror. He makes me laugh. I wonder how he's going to adjust when the baby is born. I think he will be ok. He's really good with kids and really all he wants is to be loved. But he's SUCH a pre-madonna sometimes. Maybe if we hadn't cut off his balls he'd have more of a back bone. :) Okay, that's rude. But true. I love the guy more then I probably should. He's certainly the funniest, cutest dog I've ever owned. Hee hee. (and the only one!)

I can hardly believe I have 9 weeks left until this baby is born- assuming I go to my due date. I asked my DR this week if she was planning to induce me on Sept 10th and she said yes (Hooray!!) if she hasn't already induced me. So I guess there's a chance I could have him earlier. I just hope I don't have him in August. I feel like there is still so much to do, at home and at work. It's going to be weird not going to work. So much of my life revolves around it. And it's going to be strange going back because by then I'll be so used to just being home with my little guy. But it all works out right? Gotta make that money and I'm grateful to have a job that I truly enjoy- if I do have to work- things could always be worse.

Anyway, he's been moving alot more and the DR said his head is down so that's a good sign. Hopefully by this point he's too big to turn and I won't have to worry about a c-section. But there's still quite a bit of time before he's ready to be born; anything could happen. I'm still trying to keep an open mind about either delivery method. I have been feeling, what feels like anyway, a foot pushing out on my right side, just under my boob and towards my rib. It doesn't hurt, yet. It's just so cool to feel him so much now. I was kind of worried earlier when I couldn't always feel him. But the DR said I have an anterior placenta and that can make it harder to feel the baby until close to the end. His heartbeat was so strong and loud and he seems to be doing well. I'm excited to meet him and see who he looks like.

Keith thinks he will look like him, because all of the babies on my side of the family (i.e. my niece and nephew, and even my oldest sister herself) all look more like their dads. It's true. So we'll see. I haven't actually seen any baby pictures of Keith. Is that weird? But he was a cute little kid and his mom tells me he had a lot of hair when he was born. Anyway, it's pretty exciting and I just love this little baby so much; I can't even imagine what I'm going to feel when he's here and I can see him, hold him, and watch him being his own little person. It's pretty amazing the whole process and I'm so grateful that I've been blessed to have this experience. Hopefully I can do what I need to to deserve this little guy and be a good mom. I think mostly it will just come with time and hopefully some help from the big guy upstairs.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reality Check

Is it normal to be this big at 26 weeks? I feel huge. I know, I know, I don't really look much bigger since the last pic and it's only going to get worse, with 3 months left to go. Still, a friend who is being induced tomorrow looks to be the same size as I am right now. I sure hope there is only ONE baby in there! Hee hee. Love ya little guy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh My How "He's" Grown!

Today at my doctor's appointment my doctor told me that I have a sceptis (not sure on the spelling). Basically it's a piece of muscle in my uterus that hangs down from the top- in some women it can completely connect leaving 2 separate sections. Mine isn't connected but she did say it can make it difficult for the baby to turn once he gets bigger. Which means, there's a good chance I'll have to have a c-section if he hasn't moved before he gets too big. We obviously won't know more until I'm further along. I'm not sure how I feel about that though. Any thoughts from you experienced birth-givers?

I can't believe I'm already in my 6th month. I gained 10 lbs since my last visit. Yikes! I guess I have been eating more sweets. But to my credit the baby really has grown over the last couple of weeks too. I just need to lay off the sugar and keep swimming. My doctor wasn't concerned since I had only gained about 4 lbs since I first went in. So no harm, no foul, right?! I hope so. :)

I'm feeling very large these days but things are moving along. We are planning to paint the main wall in the baby's room in week or so. Then we'll be able to put up the crib (got it on sale at Target), put up the curtains, and put the bedding on once we get the mattress and I think the room will be mostly done.

I can't say I'm real excited for the summer. I'm already so hot and usually have my fan at work on the minute I get to work. But hey, whatever gets me through the day... like ice cream, snow cones, pie, slurpees.... gee, I think I know where those extra pounds have come from!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First of Many Firsts.....

Saturday night Baby Smith got his first present!! Thanks Dallin and Amy. I know he will love it and we are just so excited for this little one to join our family. You are great friends and I know our little guy will love you as much as we do.

We love the Cubs so it's only fitting his first present is this Mr. Potato Head Cubbie. I have a feeling Baby Smith is already a HUGE Cubs fan too!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's Your Flavor?

Before I get into the post, I just have to brag about these beautiful flowers Keith had sent to me at work on Tuesday for our Anniversary. What a sweetheart!

Now...down to business. Tuesday I go in for my ultra sound. Yay!! Just wanted to take a poll to see what you think we are having.

A boy or a girl?

"What's your Flavor? Tell me what's your flavor...Oooh!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Years

Tomorrow is my 2 year wedding anniversary. It hardly seems like it's been 2 years already, and at the same time, it seems we've been together longer then 2 years. We went to see Wicked for our anniversary. Saw a matinee yesterday; it was fantastic. We had seen it in Chicago on our honeymoon. I thought the cast we saw yesterday was much better. Perhaps it's because it's the national tour; not sure. But, considering the stage they performed on is smaller then a regular broadway stage, and the cast was was incredible. The music is so well written and I'm always so amazed at the vocal abilities of the performers. We aren't doing much else for our anniversary. We splurged on the tickets and that was good enough.

My life has changed so much over the last few years. I'm so grateful to my husband. He is an amazing man and is so good to me. We have so much fun and he makes me laugh and smile every day. I'm one lucky girl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Count Down

We are T-minus 14 days till the Ultra Sound. Soon baby Smith will have a sex. I'm so excited to find out what we are having! Stay tuned for results....

On a sadder note, we probably need to get a new laptop. Not too long ago our current computer was infested with 30+ viruses and we had to have our laptop rebuilt. Well now it appears there's an internal problem that causes the computer to shut off...some wiring issue? not really sure. Our computer guy thinks it would be better to just get a new one. So we are in the market. It will be nice to have a new computer. This one I bought new in 2004 so it's not exactly a young'n. Anyway, if anyone knows where to find good deals on new laptops let me know!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

Today Carly and I finally made it back to the rec center to swim. It was so fun! I can't believe we haven't been there to swim in like 9 months. So sad. When we lived in Carly's basement we swam all the time. It was so much easier to go with a swim partner living in the same house. Before I got married I was swimming 3 times a week, on average, for about 1 1/5 hours each session. (Thanks Jessie for lending me your old boyfriend...If nothing else came out of that relationship I got free swim lessons from a really good swimmer.) I seriously love swimming. Not too many things will get me out of bed at 5:45am on a Saturday morning but I was all over it this morning. I felt like a little kid on the first day of school.

Needless to say, we are totally hooked again. I was nervous about going; it had been so long. But it turned out to go really well. We worked hard but took our time with rests in between. This will be great exercise for me throughout my pregnancy and afterwards, so I'm determined to keep going. I just need to remember not to overdo it. Sometimes it's hard to determine how tired you are because of the effortless feeling in the water. Swimming is so rejuvenating. Love it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Humpty without the Dumpty

Well I'm officially feeling like a big ole' Humpty Dumpty. Round. Clumsy. (Although I haven't fallen down....yet.) I know it's only going to get worse but did I seriously just spend 9 hours at work praying my zipper didn't fall completely down because I can no longer fit into most of my pants. Yikes! The nice thing about being the 3rd of 3 daughters to have a baby is I get to borrow my sisters maternity clothes. Kelly is sending me her maternity stuff and I'm just buying time until they come. But this is getting ridiculous! I finally broke down and bought my first pair of maternity clothes; a pair of pants for work and a shirt. Although my tummy is getting bigger I don't always feel the baby. I know it's still early. But I want to know it's in there. Wake up baby! I can hardly wait till we find out the sex.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazy Days

Man I have not posted in so long. I guess I don't feel like there's anything exciting going on. Work seems to consume me these days, not that I particularly like that. Today I was sitting in a meeting thinking, I'm actually looking forward to having some time off in the fall when the baby comes just so I can have my house clean on a regular basis again, and do other things besides work. Blah!

On a lighter note, I had my monthly visit today. Wow, that sounds like I'm talking about menstruating. I didn't mean that. :) Anyway, heard the babies heart beat again. It's so amazing to me. It took the doctor awhile to find it and I was worried we wouldn't be able to hear it but she was more patient then me and then there it was. Strong and fast. We will be able to schedule our ultra sound appointment in about 3 weeks. I'm so excited to find out what we are having! Then the real planning can begin. It's still a little surreal at times. But I'm trying to enjoy my pregnancy and not wish the final product here just yet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anoop Dog in the HOUSE!!!!

Need I say more?! I'm so excited he's getting another shot at the top 12 and let's hope he blows them out cuz he totally deserves to be on American Idol. Right?? Right!!

Oh, and P.S. Tatiana totally doesn't deserve another shot. She's not that good. She doesn't have the whole appeal and her outfits, well, I get sick just looking at her. Boo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Young for an Identity Crisis

So my sweet cousin pointed out to me that I need to change the name of my blog, since I'm no longer "Almost 30". I have no idea what to name my blog. Should I just change it to "Confessions of a 30-Something Drama Queen"? That makes me sound older then I am. Not that I have a problem being 30 but come on people. I'm not looking for unnecessary aging. I have absolutely no ideas here. So I was thinking you guys could give some suggestions and then we could vote.

Whatta ya think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So today I turn 30 years old. I think 30 is going to be a good year. So far I've had a great birthday weekend. Friday night we went to Roosters with a bunch of friends, then had cake and ice cream at our place. Today mom and Grandpa came up with a cake and visited for an hour. Tomorrow is a free day from work (thanks to the President's) and hopefully the weather is nice. Maybe I'll catch a movie with the husband. Next weekend I'm having dinner with my family at The Cheesecake Factory (since Dad is out of town this weekend) so it will be an extended celebration. Everyone says they dread turning 30 but I'm actually excited for it. Maybe I got it out of my system when I turned 29. Either way, here's to what hopes to be a great year.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time flies except when you want it to.

I am so lazy. Has it really been a month since I posted? I suck. Well I'd like to say I've been busy doing something worthwhile but sadly I've just been working and ignoring the mess that is my house. I have been so tired lately. Just last week I finally have felt like I have somewhat more energy. But man, this fatigue is killing me. I went to a friends baby shower on Saturday. It was so fun to see all the cute baby things. I'm so excited to find out what we are having, even though that's still a couple of months away. I have my first Dr appt on the 20th. It seriously can't come fast enough!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

I love long weekends. Keith and I took work off yesterday for a good friend's wedding and with Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day I'm feeling pretty lucky. Sure my house is a mess, I have laundry coming out of my ears, but I'm also enjoying some good ole R&R and my dog's in need of some serious attention. So I'm having fun playing with him.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? I hope it's a good one!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please or Cats Out Of the Bag?!

Well I'm sure many of you have heard. I was debating when to post about this but it's out there now so yes, I am pregnant. We are very excited. I don't have my first doctors appointment for awhile. It's still early but we're looking at sometime mid-September to deliver.

I'll keep you posted as I know more!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bump and Grind

I'm not talking about the levi-lovin' I'm sure we are all familiar with. I'm talking about life.
Snowy Commutes.
Dirty Laundry.
Deadlines at Work.
Family Obligations.
Church Obligations.
Grocery Shopping.
Personal Time. (what's that?)

This is life. But everything comes full circle. There is always something to balance us out.
The craziness of the holidays is over.
Work slows down just long enough for you to get caught up.
The kids, if you have them, go to bed on time and stay in bed. (Is this actually an issue?)
Scrubs come back to Prime Time and is actually worth watching.

So I guess the point of this rant is that even though life can be exhausting and the chores seem endless eventually something or someone comes along and makes it all worthwhile.