Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost and Almost Forgotten

Have I given up on this thing completely, you might ask? Heck, I may be talking to myself at this point. I'm not sure if anyone still looks at this thing. I know I hardly do. Life is flying by! Wrigley turned 9 months old and man, he is the cutest stinkin' kid! Even though he's trying to help me type this thing.... don't do that bud :).... he keeps me hopping. Now that he's crawling and pulling himself up to things, he is into everything. I think one of the funnest things for me is to watch him play with Mojo. I'll have to get some photos because it really is the sweetest thing ever.

Here's a couple of pics from a couple of weeks ago. He really loves just doing things. He's so adventurous and curious and I hope that stays with him throughout his whole life.

Love your smile kid.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Growing Fast

I can't believe this kid is rounding third to 8 months old. He is so much fun and SUCH a ham. His personality is coming out of the wood work. He is such a joy and I couldn't as for a sweeter little man.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Guy

Keeps me pretty busy! What a cutie. He's getting so interactive. I'm sad I'll be going back to work soon, just when the really fun parts begin. But he already knows who his mommy is and that's all I need! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An End in Sight

My doctor's appointment yesterday went well. Actually when I got there they said they didn't have me down for an appt that day- even though I know that's the date they scheduled me for. I think the receptionist forgot to put it in the computer. So we anxiously waited for a bit and my nurse, Michelle, came out and said Dr. Hinson had just left but was coming back. I was so relieved because this is my last week and with Dr. Hinson leaving town I had questions for her- like what do I do if he hasn't come by my due date? Do I have to wait for her to come back or do I go to the hospital? I mean, I've never had a baby before. I need reassurance!

Anyway, she checked me and I'm 80% effaced but still at a tight 2. I guess that means I'm making some sort of progress, even though it's slow. I've been having contractions, on and off, for the last couple of days. Some are stronger then others. But still not regular or consistent enough to be anything of concern or excitement.

Dr. Hinson will be out of town for work until the 15th. She called LDS and scheduled me to go in for the night of the 14th if he hasn't come by then and they will get me going so she can deliver me the day she gets back into town. I do feel better knowing that at the most, I only have a week from Monday and then things will be set in motion. I'm not reallly surprised he hasn't come yet; I think it was mostly wishful thinking. Either way, at least now I have a game plan. If my water breaks between now and the 14th then I'll just go in and deliver with whomever is on-call. And I hear the doctor is only in there for a short time considering how long you are in the hospital; the nurses do most of the work. So let's hope we have good nurses working.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update. I guess I should just try and rest as much as I can. I think if I end up working through the end of next week, I'll have Friday be my last day. That way I have the weekend and Monday day to get all the last minute things together and can rest up for the ordeal that's awaiting me. Either way, it's exciting and a bit surreal to think that little Wrigley is going to be here so soon. I think building it up in my head that he could come early has made me anxious and not enjoying my last little bit of pregnancy. So I'm going to try really hard to enjoy these last few days of having him so close to me and feeling him move and just the beautiful connection you feel knowing your flesh and blood is growing inside of you.
It's pretty damn amazing.