Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

Today Carly and I finally made it back to the rec center to swim. It was so fun! I can't believe we haven't been there to swim in like 9 months. So sad. When we lived in Carly's basement we swam all the time. It was so much easier to go with a swim partner living in the same house. Before I got married I was swimming 3 times a week, on average, for about 1 1/5 hours each session. (Thanks Jessie for lending me your old boyfriend...If nothing else came out of that relationship I got free swim lessons from a really good swimmer.) I seriously love swimming. Not too many things will get me out of bed at 5:45am on a Saturday morning but I was all over it this morning. I felt like a little kid on the first day of school.

Needless to say, we are totally hooked again. I was nervous about going; it had been so long. But it turned out to go really well. We worked hard but took our time with rests in between. This will be great exercise for me throughout my pregnancy and afterwards, so I'm determined to keep going. I just need to remember not to overdo it. Sometimes it's hard to determine how tired you are because of the effortless feeling in the water. Swimming is so rejuvenating. Love it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Humpty without the Dumpty

Well I'm officially feeling like a big ole' Humpty Dumpty. Round. Clumsy. (Although I haven't fallen down....yet.) I know it's only going to get worse but did I seriously just spend 9 hours at work praying my zipper didn't fall completely down because I can no longer fit into most of my pants. Yikes! The nice thing about being the 3rd of 3 daughters to have a baby is I get to borrow my sisters maternity clothes. Kelly is sending me her maternity stuff and I'm just buying time until they come. But this is getting ridiculous! I finally broke down and bought my first pair of maternity clothes; a pair of pants for work and a shirt. Although my tummy is getting bigger I don't always feel the baby. I know it's still early. But I want to know it's in there. Wake up baby! I can hardly wait till we find out the sex.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazy Days

Man I have not posted in so long. I guess I don't feel like there's anything exciting going on. Work seems to consume me these days, not that I particularly like that. Today I was sitting in a meeting thinking, I'm actually looking forward to having some time off in the fall when the baby comes just so I can have my house clean on a regular basis again, and do other things besides work. Blah!

On a lighter note, I had my monthly visit today. Wow, that sounds like I'm talking about menstruating. I didn't mean that. :) Anyway, heard the babies heart beat again. It's so amazing to me. It took the doctor awhile to find it and I was worried we wouldn't be able to hear it but she was more patient then me and then there it was. Strong and fast. We will be able to schedule our ultra sound appointment in about 3 weeks. I'm so excited to find out what we are having! Then the real planning can begin. It's still a little surreal at times. But I'm trying to enjoy my pregnancy and not wish the final product here just yet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anoop Dog in the HOUSE!!!!

Need I say more?! I'm so excited he's getting another shot at the top 12 and let's hope he blows them out cuz he totally deserves to be on American Idol. Right?? Right!!

Oh, and P.S. Tatiana totally doesn't deserve another shot. She's not that good. She doesn't have the whole appeal and her outfits, well, I get sick just looking at her. Boo!